Nature of Activity

Vaccines and Prophylactic Treatment



Retrospective survey of PG Troops who received Clostridium botulinum toxoid

U.S. Army Medical Material Development Activity, Dept. of the Army

Retrospective postcard survey of side-effects in the Marine contingent that received vaccine, Camp Pendleton, Calif., August 1991.

Retrospective studies involving military use of pyridostigmine as pretreatment for nerve agent poisoning

U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Dept. of the Army

Collect safety data for pending New Drug Application to the FDA.

Depleted Uranium



Monitoring PG veterans with imbedded depleted uranium fragments

Baltimore, Md., VAMC, Dept. of the Army, and University of Maryland

5-year follow-up of soldiers with depleted uranium fragments.

Environmental Centers



Health effects of environmental exposures during the Persian Gulf War

Boston. Mass., VAMC

Six projects are planned to determine the health effects of environmental exposure to potential hazards, with a particular emphasis on behavioral toxicology, immunotoxicology, cancer epidemiology, and behavioral psychopathology,

Environmental illnesses in PG veterans

The New Jersey Environmental Hazards Research Center, and East Orange, N.J., VAMC

Four projects are planned to gather information about illnesses in PG veterans to develop the most characteristic symptom profiles.

Exposure to environmental, chemical, and biological hazards related to military service

Portland, Ore., VAMC and the Oregon Health Sciences University's Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology

Four projects are planned to identify exposures and to define more accurately relations between illnesses in PG veterans and PTSD, or specific environmental, infectious, or chemical warfare exposures.

NOTE: CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; DoD = Dept. of Defense; DOE = Dept. of Energy; EPA = Environmental Protection Agency; GAO = General Accounting Office; FDA = Food and Drug Administration; HHS = Dept. of Health and Human Services; NIH = National Institutes of Health; NOAA = National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration; ODS = Operation Desert Storm; ODS/S = Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm; PB = pyridostigmine bromide; PG = Persian Gulf; PGVCB = Persian Gulf Veterans Coordinating Board; PGW Persian Gulf War; PL = public law; PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder; USAEHA = U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency; VA = Dept. of Veterans Affairs; VAMC = VA Medical Center; and WRAIR = Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

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