BOX 1-1 Sections of the 1992 Energy Policy Act Considered by the Committee


Subtitle A: Research, Development, Demonstration, and Commercial Application

Section 1301: Coal Research, Development, Demonstration, and Commercial Application Programs

Section 1302: Coal-Fired Diesel Engines

Section 1303: Clean Coal, Waste-to-Energy

Section 1304: Nonfuel Use of Coal

Section 1305: Coal Refinery Program

Section 1306: Coalbed Methane Recovery

Section 1307: Metallurgical Coal Development

Section 1308: Utilization of Coal Waste

Section 1309: Underground Coal Gasification

Section 1310: Low-Rank Coal Research and Development

Section 1311: Magnetohydrodynamics

Section 1312: Oil Substitution Through Coal Liquefaction

Subtitle B: Clean Coal Technology Program

Section 1321: Additional Clean Coal Technology Solicitations

Subtitle C: Other Coal Provisions

Section 1332: Innovative Clean Coal Technology Transfer Program

Section 1336: Coal Fuel Mixtures

Section 1337: National Clearinghouse


Subtitle A: Oil and Gas Supply Enhancement

Section 2013: Natural Gas Supply


In May 1993 the DOE's Acting Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy requested that the National Research Council assess DOE's coal program. In keeping with this request, the National Research Council formed the Committee on Strategic Assessment of the U.S. Department of Energy's Coal Program (see Appendix G for biographical sketches of committee members), to address the broad priorities that DOE's Office of Fossil Energy ought to consider in updating its strategic plan and in responding to EPACT. Recent or current DOE programs have addressed, or are addressing, many of the areas identified in EPACT.

The National Research Council committee was specifically charged as follows:

  • Review the DOE coal program, including the current version of the coal strategic plan and additional details contained in the administration's budget requests for fiscal year (FY) 1994 and FY 1995, as appropriate.

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