Subtitle A: Research, Development, Demonstration, and Commercial Application:

  • Section 1301: RDD&C Program on Coal Conversion and Utilization Technologies;
  • Section 1302: Coal-fired Diesel Engines;
  • Section 1303: Clean Coal, Waste-to Energy;
  • Section 1304: Nonfuel Use of Coal;
  • Section 1305: Coal Refinery Program;
  • Section 1306: Coalbed Methane Recovery;
  • Section 1307: Metallurgical Coal Development;
  • Section 1308: Utilization of Coal Wastes;
  • Section 1309: Underground Coal Gasification;
  • Section 1310: Low Rank Coal Research and Development;
  • Section 1311: Magnetohydrodynamics;
  • Section 1312: Oil Substitution Through Coal Liquefaction.

Subtitle B (Clean Coal Technology Program):

  • Section 1321: Additional Clean Coal Technology Solicitations

Subtitle C: Other Coal Provisions:

  • Section 1332: Innovative Clean Coal Technology Transfer Program;
  • Section 1336: Coal Fuel Mixtures;
  • Section 1337: National Clearinghouse.


Subtitle A: Oil and Gas Supply Enhancement:

  • Section 2013: Natural Gas Supply
  • Subsections dealing with surface gasification of coal, and cofiring of natural gas and coal.

Section 1301 requires that the Secretary of Energy submit a report to the Congress to achieve the objectives defined in this section, including "ensuring reliable electricity supply, complying with applicable environmental requirements, achieving cost-competitive production and demonstration of liquid and gaseous fuels from coal, and ensuring the timely commercial application of cost-effective coal technologies." In particular, subparagraphs c(l) to c(5) of Section 1301 call for this report to include the following information:

  • Subparagraph c(l): A detailed description of ongoing RDD&C activities regarding coal-based technologies undertaken by DOE, other Federal or

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