• State government departments or agencies and, to the extent such information is publicly available, other public or private organizations in the United States and other countries.
  • Subparagraph c(2): A listing and analysis of current Federal and State government regulatory and financial incentives that could further the goals of the programs established under Subtitle A.
  • Subparagraph c(3): Recommendations regarding the manner in which any ongoing coal-based demonstration and commercial application program might be modified and extended to ensure the timely demonstrations of advanced coal-based technologies.
  • Subparagraph c(4): Recommendations, if any, regarding the manner in which the cost sharing demonstrations conducted pursuant to the Clean Coal Program established by Public Law 98-473 might be modified and extended in order to ensure the timely demonstration of advanced coal-based technologies.
  • Subparagraph c(5): A detailed plan for conducting the research, development, demonstration, and commercial application programs to achieve the goals and objectives defined in Section 1301.

The DOE has been conducting coal RD&D programs for many years. These programs have addressed, or are addressing, some of the areas identified in EPACT. The Office of Fossil Energy's coal programs are described in the document entitled "Coal Strategic Plan" and in the Administration's budget request for fiscal year (FY) 1994. Beginning in FY 1994, the Office of Fossil Energy will begin to update its "Coal Strategic Plan," and formulate the RDD&C plan required by Section 1301. As part of this process, the Office of Fossil Energy is seeking the advice and recommendations of the National Research Council regarding strategy and priorities in its coal program.


The Energy Engineering Board (EEB) will establish a committee to review DOE's current coal program, and selected sections of EPACT relating to coal, and develop recommendations to update the "Coal Strategic Plan." The committee will include about 10 members from disciplines pertinent to the proposed effort. Expertise will be sought in areas such as coal science, conversion of coal to gaseous and liquid fuels, especially coal gasification, coal-based electricity generation, chemical engineering, energy engineering, environmental control technologies, energy economics, and strategic planning for R&D. The committee will provide independent scientific and technical advice consistent with the strategic assessment requested by the DOE targeted at the planning cycle beginning with FY 1996. In the process of nominating the committee and during the course

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