June 1, 1919–August 27, 1972


DANIEL S. LEHRMAN DIED in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the early morning of a day late in August 1972 at the age of fifty-three. He was scheduled in a few days to give a major address at the American Psychological Association meeting in Hawaii and had prepared for the trip characteristically by collecting lists of birds he wanted to see in Hawaii and by arranging bird watching expeditions with several resident ornithologists. The immediate cause of death was a heart attack. His obesity over many years had weakened his heart. Because Dan had been able to keep his deteriorating heart condition from his closest friends and colleagues, his death came as a shock to all of us. He was unable to change his way of living. With his characteristic optimism and boundless energy, he continued to live his life to the fullest despite his declining strength. He kept up his travel throughout the world and especially to places like Kenya where he could see animals in the wild. He gave many talks at universities, visited colleagues, enjoyed the finest eating places, and attended conferences worldwide.

In the last years of his life he received many honors. He became a Fellow of the Salk Institute in La Jolla, where he spent several months a year. He was elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the Society of Ex-

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