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November 1985

Maryland residents who indicated they had heard about AIDS in the news recently; n = 1,074

Hollander, Cohen, McBride associates for the Maryland Department of Health (Baltimore, MD) (Hollander et al., 1985)

One of the ways AIDS is spread is by drug abusers who share needles. Some health authorities have suggested that clean needles be provided free to those who ask for them [to] control spreading the disease that way. Do you agree with this approach?

37%—Agree; 55%—Disagree; 0%—Depends; 8%—Don't know; 0%—Not applicable

March 1987

Connecticut; n = 500

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (Storrs, CT) (1987)

Do you favor or oppose distributing free sterile needles to drug users to slow the spread of AIDS through contaminated needles?

33%—Favor; 60%—Oppose; 7%—Don't know

October 1988

U.S.; n = 1,606

CBS News/New York Times Poll (New York City, NY)

Would you favor or oppose giving injection drug users sterilized needles for free if it would slow down the spread of AIDS?

40%—Favor; 53%—Oppose; 7%—Don't know

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