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February 1989

New York City, NY; n = 1,015

Newsday (New York City, NY) (1989)

Do you approve or disapprove of the city's programs to provide clean needles to drug users in order to prevent the spread of AIDS?

50%—Approve; 40%—Disapprove; 10%—Don't know

May 1989

Utah; n = 849

Survey Research Center, University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT) (University of Utah, 1989)

Free needles and syringes should be made available to intravenous drug addicts: agree or disagree?

38%—Agree; 62%—Disagree/don't know

May 1989

Connecticut; n = 768

Northeast Research (Orono, ME) (1989)

I'm going to read a few of the things people have suggested that might help stop the spread of AIDS in CT. For each one please tell me if you think that method should be used. You can answer yes or no, or that you have no opinion about it. Give out free needles to drug dealers.

40%—Yes; 47%—No; 13%—Don't know

May 1989

United States; n = 1,054

Media General/Associated Press (Richmond, VA) (1989)

The AIDS virus can be transmitted when people who use drugs share needles. If giving intravenous drug abusers free needles would slow down the spread of AIDS, would you favor or oppose giving addicts sterilized needles for free?

50%—Favor; 43%—Oppose; 7%—Don't know

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