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October 1989

Maricopa County, AZ; n = 809

Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ) (The Arizona Republic, 1993)

Would you favor or oppose a program that would make it possible for sterilized needles to be distributed to drug addicts as a way to slow the spread of the AIDS virus?

52%—Favor; 45%—Oppose; 3%—Don't know

January 1990

Massachusetts registered voters; n = 405

Bannon Research (Boston, MA) (1990)

Do you strongly favor, mildly favor, mildly oppose, or strongly oppose giving clean needles to drug users so they don't spread the AIDS virus?

26%—Strongly favor; 26%—Mildly favor; 14%—Mildly oppose; 31%—Strongly oppose; 3%—Don't know/no answer

February 1990

Chicago, IL; n = 449

Northwestern University Survey Laboratory (Evanston, IL) (Lavrakas, 1990)

Drug treatment centers should distribute free needles to intravenous drug users to reduce the chances of spreading AIDS: strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree?

38%—Strongly agree; 19%—Somewhat agree; 10%—Somewhat disagree; 29%—Strongly disagree; 4%—Uncertain

Spring 1991

Black church congregation members in 5 cities; Before: n = 202 After: n = 180

Minority Health Research Laboratory, University of Maryland for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (Atlanta, GA) (Thomas and Quinn, 1993b)

Survey participants were asked the same questions before and after a training session on AIDS issues The question asked respondents to agree or disagree with the following statement: I would support laws to pass out free clean needles to people who shoot drugs.

Before; 40%—Agree; 41%—Disagree; 19%—Unsure; After; 47%—Agree; 40%—Disagree; 14%—Unsure

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