TABLE 3.3 Organizational Characteristics of Needle Exchange Programs

Comparative Study



Stimson et al. (1988)


—Nonjudgmental staff attitude;

—Convenient location;

—Convenient hours of operation;

—Willingness to exchange large numbers of syringes at one time

Lurie et al. (1993a)

Legal status





Administrative body

—Activist run;

—Community-based organization run;

—Community-based organization with government support;

—Government run


Funding source

—Private donations;

—Foundation grants;

—Community-based organization;

—City, county, and/or state government



—Fixed sites;

—Stationary van;



—Health facility;

—Mobile sites;

—Walk route;


—Roving van





—Both paid and volunteers


On-site services

—Educational material;

—HIV testing and counseling;

—Primary medical care;

—Tuberculosis screening;

—Sexually transmitted diseases screening;

—Drug treatment;

—Referrals to above services;

—Referrals to social services


On-site items provided



—Alcohol wipes;






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