• be informed and report observations of the ecological consequences of pollutants and their adverse effects on the human being.

Be informed and apply knowledge in daily work with individuals, families, and/or community groups as to the data available on potential health hazards and ways to prevent and/or reduce them. The nurse should be informed about:

  • the studies and identification of the environmental problems at local, national, and international level;

  • their effects on man;

  • the standards for the protection of the human organism, especially from pollutants;

  • ways to prevent and/or reduce health hazards.

Be informed and teach preventive measures about health hazards due to environmental factors as well as about conservation of environmental resources to the individual, families, and/or community groups. The nurse can:

  • request and attend continuing education programs about the study of the environment and the application of this knowledge in daily life and work;

  • provide health education for both the general public and health personnel in order to create awareness of environmental issues and to involve the public with environmental management and control;

  • apply knowledge in areas where nursing intervention may prevent or reduce health hazards;

  • report on steps taken to control the significant environmental problems of the area.

Work with health authorities in pointing out health care aspects and health hazards in existing human settlements and in the planning of new settlements. Nurses can:

  • participate in exchange of information and experience about similar environmental problems with authorities in other areas;

  • cooperate with health authorities in the preparation of programs to enable national and local authorities to influence their own environments;

  • participate in the promotion of legislation to improve health care and reduce/prevent health hazards, and encourage the enforcement of such legislation where/when appropriate;

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