TABLE D-2: Selected Work-Related Diseases, Disorders, and Conditions Associated with Various Agents, Industries, or Occupations: Infections, Malignant Neoplasms, and Hematological, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Neurological, and Miscellaneous Disorders

Diseases, Disorders, and Conditions

Industry or Occupation




Shepherds, farmers, butchers, handlers of imported hides or fibers, veterinarians, veterinarian pathologists, weavers

Bacillus anthraces


Farmers, shepherds, vets, lab and slaughterhouse workers

Brucella abortus, suis


Shepherds, farmers, ranchers, hunters, field geologists

Yersinia pestis

Hepatitis A

Day-care center, orphanage, and mental retardation institution staff, medical personnel

Hepatitis A virus

Hepatitis B

Nurses and aides, anesthesiologists, orphanage and mental institution staffs, medical lab workers, general dentists, oral surgeons, physicians

Hepatitis B virus

Hepatitis C (formerly included in non-A, non-B)

Same as hepatitis A and B

Hepatitis C virus


Psittacine bird breeders, pet shop and zoo workers, poultry producers, vets

Chlamydia psittaci


Veterinarians, game wardens, lab workers, farmers, ranchers, trappers

Rabies virus


Medical personnel

Rubella virus


Farmers, ranchers

Clostridium tetani

Tuberculosis Pulmonary

Physicians, medical personnel, medical lab workers

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Tuberculosis Silicotuberculosis

Quarrymen, sandblasters, silica processors, miners, foundry workers, ceramic industry

Silicon dioxide (silica), M. tuberculosis

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