Clinical Options

Status and Sources of Recommendations

Date Recommended

Surgical Procedures Elective surgical procedures should be evaluated for possible delay


January 14, 1983

Physicians should strictly adhere to medical implications for transfusions, and autologous blood transfusions are encouraged


March 4, 1983

Heat-Treated Products Expedite the development of processing methods to inactivate viruses potentially present in AHF concentrate


December 2, 1983

Physicians should strongly consider changing to heat-treated AHF concentrate


October 13, 1984 (FDA licensed first heat-treated product March 1983; all four companies licensed by October 1984)

Secondary Transmission Warnings



Use condoms or practice safe sex

Not recommended


Open discussion between sexual partners and advice from physicians

NHF no recommendation by MASAC

February 3, 1984

disease before AHF concentrate became the standard treatment in the mid- to late 1970s. It is more difficult to treat adults who have severe hemophilia with the cryoprecipitate or fresh frozen plasma because of the large amount that is

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