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March 4, 1983: PHS issues recommendations to reduce the risk of AIDS

March 9, 1983: NHF issues Medical Bulletin #6 and Chapter Advisory #7

Sexual contact should be avoided with persons known or suspected to have AIDS; multiple sex partners increase the probability of developing AIDS


Physicians should adhere strictly to medical indications for transfusions, and autologous blood transfusions are encouraged

NHF urges Congress to provide additional funding to support AIDS research






NHF issues mental health report to orient those who treat hemophiliacs to the potential impact of AIDS and asks for medical observations, such as: the impact of the AIDS threat (e.g., number of calls from patients); behavioral or emotional problems; evidence of withholding or refusing factor replacement for acute bleeds; and the treatment center's response

May 1983: Hyland Therapeutics recalls lot—a donor was identified who developed AIDS

May 11, 1983: NHF issues Medical Bulletin #7 and Chapter Advisory #8


Risk is low (12 hemophiliacs out of 20,000 developed AIDS)

NHF and NHF AIDS Task Force recommends hemophiliacs maintain use of clotting-factor treatment


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