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December 2, 1983: CDC MMWR update on AIDS in hemophiliac patients; results of treatment center survey show no cases occurred before September 1981; 21 hemophiliacs have been diagnosed with AIDS, additional patients have been reported with AIDS-related symptoms that do not fit the CDC criteria for an AIDS diagnosis

December 2, 1983: NHF issues Medical Bulletin #8 with attached CDC MMWR (December 10); Medical Bulletin #9 and Chapter Advisory #12 issued on December 21, 1983

Etiology remains unknown, epidemiological evidence suggests an infectious disease


MASAC revises January 14, 1983, recommendations to prevent AIDS: adds modification of donor screening language; screen donors for symptoms; expedite the development of processing methods to inactivate viruses potentially present in factor concentrates




Possibility of transmission by blood and blood products is supported by increased incidence of AIDS in IV drug users and transfusion recipients






Cryoprecipitate and factor concentrates are associated with transmission of known viral agents (i.e., cytomegalovirus, hepatitis B, and non-A, non-B hepatitis)




January 16, 1984: Alpha Therapeutic recalls three lots contaminated with AIDS from a donor diagnosed with AIDS

NHF issues Medical Bulletin #10 and Chapter Advisory #13



NHF reaffirms its recommendation that patients maintain use of concentrate or cryoprecipitate as prescribed by their physicians

MASAC recommends to blood product manufacturers that any lot of concentrate be recalled if it includes material from an individual who has been identified as having AIDS, or from an individual who, in the best judgment of the manufacturers, has characteristics strongly suggestive of AIDS

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