Table 2.1 Major Organizations Comprising the Blood Supply System and Their Functions



Federal Agencies


Department of Health and Human Services

Direction and oversight

Public Health Service

Direction and oversight

Food and Drug Administration

Regulation and review

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Review Blood Products Advisory Committee

Regulation, review, and research scientific advice

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Surveillance, investigation, and information dissemination

National Institutes of Health

Biomedical research

Blood Collection Organizations


American Red Cross

Blood collection and supply, research

Community blood banks

Blood collection and supply, information exchange

Hospital blood banks

Blood collection and patient care



Plasma fractionation industry

Plasma collection and supply, manufacturing, research

Professional and Trade Associations


American Association of Blood Banks

Representing blood collection and transfusion services organizations, standard setting (inspection and accreditation program), and education

American Blood Resources Association

Advocacy for plasma fractionation industry, education

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