Table 2.3 Plasma Derivative Products and Their Uses

Plasma Derivative

Medical Use


Restoration of plasma volume subsequent to shock, trauma, surgery, and burns

Alpha 1 proteinase inhibitor

Used in the treatment of emphysema caused by a genetic deficiency

Anti-inhibitor coagulant complex

Treatment of bleeding episodes in presence of Factor VIII inhibitor

Anti-thrombin III

Treatment of bleeding episodes associated with liver disease, antithrombin III deficiency, and thromboembolism

Cytomegalovirus immune globulin

Passive immunization subsequent to exposure to cytomegalovirus

Factor IX complex

Prophylaxis and treatment of hemophilia B bleeding episodes and other bleeding disorders


Treatment of hemorrhagic diathesis in hypo-, dys-, and afibrinogenemia


Dissolution of intravascular clots


Supportive therapy in viral hepatitis and pernicious anemia

Hepatitis B immune globulin

Passive immunization subsequent to exposure to hepatitis B

IgM-enriched immune globulin

Treatment and prevention of septicemia and septic shock due to toxin liberation in the course of antibiotic treatment

Immune globulin (intravenous and intramuscular)

Treatment of agamma- and hypogamma-globulinemia; passive immunization for hepatitis A and measles

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