Table 3.2 Reported Cases of Opportunistic Infections and AIDS, Risk Groups Identified, and Evolving Knowledge Base: June 1981 Through May 1985


No. of Cases (cumulative)

Risk Groups

Fatality Rate (%)

Knowledge of Disease and Modes of Transmission

June 5, 1981


5 Homosexual men


''The occurrence of pneumocystis in these 5 previously healthy individuals without a clinically apparent underlying immunodeficiency is unusual." (p. 1)

July 3, 1981


26 Homosexual men


"The occurrence of this number of KS cases during a 30-month period among young, homosexual men is considered highly unusual. No previous association between KS and sexual preference has been reported." (p. 3)

August 28, 1981


108 Homosexual men


"The apparent clustering of both Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and KS among homosexual men suggests a common underlying factor. Both diseases have been associated with host immunosuppression, and studies in progress are showing immunosuppression in some of these cases." (p. 5)

June 11, 1982


281 Homosexual and bisexual men

15 Heterosexual men

6 Heterosexual women

20 Men, unknown risk

33 IVDUs


"A laboratory and interview study of heterosexual patients with diagnosed KS, PCP or other OI is in progress to determine whether their cellular immune function, results of virologic studies, medical history, sexual practices, drug use, and life-style are similar to those of homosexual patients." (p. 9)

July 9, 1982


(34 Haitians)*


"The in vitro immunologic findings and the high mortality rate (nearly 50%) for these patients are similar to the pattern recently described among homosexual males and IV drug abusers." (p. 13)

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