TOGA CD-ROMs. The 1994 edition consisted of 1985–1990 TOGA data. It included: sea surface temperature, sub-surface thermal data, surface marine observations, TAO data, pseudo-stress fields, cloud data, precipitation data, sea levels, and associated ECMWF analyses. The 6-CD package and Users' Guide available from:

User Services Office, MS300/320


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

4800 Oak Grove Drive

Pasadena, CA 91109.

Climate Diagnostics Bulletin. Published monthly since 1982. Contains: (1) monthly means and anomalies in the tropics of sea surface temperature, outgoing long-wave radiation, winds, pressure, susbsurface ocean thermal structure, and sea level; (2) Forecast Forum; and (3) monthly means and anomalies in the extratropics of sea-level pressure, height of the 500-mb surface, and indices of “teleconnections”. Available from:

Climate Prediction Center

Attn: Climate Diagnostics Bulletin


World Weather Building, Room 605

5200 Auth Road

Washington, DC 20233.

The bulletin is also available on the World Wide Web from site (http://nic.fb4.noaa.gov).

Experimental Long Lead Forecast Bulletin. Published quarterly since 1992. Contains: experimental forecasts of tropical sea surface temperature, Southern Oscillation Index, rainfall, Atlantic storm activity, U.S. surface conditions and precipitation, and South African rainfall. Available from:

Climate Prediction Center, W/NMC51

Attn: Experimental Long Lead Bulletin


World Weather Building

5200 Auth Road

Washington, DC 20233.

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