dynamics, reliability-based design methods, and ship maintenance and repair engineering. Research funding has been provided by the ONR, National Science Foundation (NSF), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Sea Grant and Multi-Sponsor Industry consortia. This department was selected as one of the four national institutes for maritime technology enhancement by the Maritime Administration. Despite a small faculty and student body, the department is regarded as being of high quality.

The California Maritime Academy was established in 1929 and has the mission of educating managers, engineers, and officers for marine-oriented industries. About 100 students a year enroll in the program, which leads to a degree of B.S. in marine engineering technology.

The Florida Atlantic University began in 1964. The Department of Ocean Engineering has an enrollment of nearly 200 students of whom perhaps one-quarter are part-time. An average of 20 undergraduate degrees have been awarded in the last several years. Some of the part-time students are participants in a cooperative plan that requires alternating periods of full-time work with periods of full-time study. Some classes are offered in the evening. About 15 master's degrees are awarded each year, and an occasional doctoral degree is also awarded. There are 20 faculty members in the department.

The Florida Institute of Technology was established in 1958 in conjunction with the U.S. space program. The Department of Ocean Engineering is one of seven departments within the College of Engineering. The department has about 100 undergraduate students and awards about 15 bachelor's degrees and three or four master's degrees. Occasionally the department awards a doctoral degree. Graduates gain familiarity with the design of ocean engineering systems along with physical oceanography and the fundamental engineering science courses. Research facilities include equipment for structural and pressure testing and a small wave tank. Research interests of the 10 faculty members include corrosion and materials, naval architecture and shipbuilding, and fluid dynamics.

The Great Lakes Maritime Academy is part of Northwestern Michigan College, a two-year school. About 10 students per year enroll in the program, which leads to an associate degree in marine engineering.

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy was established in 1891 as the Massachusetts Nautical Training School. Enrollment is about 650, of whom 40 to 60 students enroll every year in the program that leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) first taught courses in marine engineering in 1886 and in naval architecture in 1888. In 1971, to reflect a change from a ship-systems orientation to involvement in a wider range of ocean systems, MIT changed the name of the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine

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