by the Defense Authorization Act of 1994, is scheduled to be published in mid-1996.

  • 25.  

    They relate their testbed to four modes of regulatory interaction: a one-to-one exchange between entities (e.g., a private entity requesting information from an agency); a one-to-two relationship (e.g., for dispute resolution); a one-to-many relationship; and a many-to-many configuration (e.g., negotiated rulemaking).

  • 26.  

    The broad applicability of some government applications is consistent with a variety of ongoing initiatives—congressionally driven procurement reforms, the National Performance Review, and the Government Information Technology Systems working group, a sister to the Technology Policy Working Group (TPWG), under the Information Infrastructure Task Force, and efforts to harmonize technology development and exploration efforts, such as those led by the TPWG, with efforts focused on applying information infrastructure.

  • 27.  

    See the white paper by Oscar Garcia on behalf of the IEEE.

  • 28.  

    The concern with design was noted at the forum by Walter Wiebe of the National Science Foundation.

  • 29.  

    See Kahin and Abbate (1995) for an overview. See also Besen and Farrell (1994) and Farrell and Shapiro (1992).

  • 30.  

    More information is available on-line at http://www.ispo.cec.be (EC Information Society Project Office Webserver) under G7 Information Society Conference.

  • 31.  

    The basic problem is that activity devolved to multiple entities, only some of which were required to report key statistics to the government. Another problem is the broadening of the scope of concern from telephony to a larger mix of services within the NII. The need to resort to subjective or speculative market research estimates for a variety of communications and information services in the Department of Commerce's Industrial Outlook volumes is but one indicator.

  • 32.  

    Several such efforts are referenced in the bibliography.

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