Figure 3

Hypothetical set as in Figure 2 with maximum-limit lines removed  and lines added that represent alternative linear and nonlinear  value functions. Each line connects points of equal value  based on combinations of the two impacts.

Environmental Impact Assessment in Life-Cycle Analysis

This review of decision analysis suggests that users of LCA will face two clear-cut classes of problems in the final improvement-analysis stage of LCA where environmental impacts are assessed. In one class, the analyst will be confronted with the choice among several alternatives, one of which clearly dominates. This situation is analogous to choosing between an alternative that lies within the gray area in Figure 3 and another that lies on the lower edge of that area; that is, it is a choice between a nondominated and a dominated alternative. In this case, assuming the LCA treats the complete scope of environmental consequences, it will have revealed that one alternative has better environmental per-

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