• Have liquid residue waste streams been reviewed to determine if they can be redesigned to be commercially valuable?
  • Are unusable liquid residues from facility operations disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner?

Facility Matrix Element 4,5

Facility Activity: Facility Operations Environmental Concern: Gaseous Residues

  • Is operations-related transportation to and from the facility minimized?
  • Are furnaces, incinerators, and other combustion processes and their related air pollution control devices monitored to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency?
  • Is employee commuting minimized by job sharing, telecommuting, and similar programs?

Facility Matrix Element 5,1

Facility Activity: Facility Refurbishment, Closure, or Transfer Environmental Concern: Ecological Impacts

  • Will activities necessary to refurbish, close, or transfer the facility to alternate uses cause any ecological impacts and, if so, has planning been done to minimize such impacts?
  • When refurbishment, closure, or transfer activities are undertaken, can the materials used and any surplus materials be recycled with a minimum of ecological impact?
  • Has a ''facility-life extension" review been undertaken to optimize the life and service of the existing facility, therefore minimizing the need to construct new facilities with their attendant environmental impacts?

Facility Matrix Element 5,2

Facility Activity: Facility Refurbishment, Closure, or Transfer Environmental Concern: Energy Use

  • Can the facility be closed or transferred with a minimum expenditure of energy (including any necessary site cleanup and decontamination)?
  • Can the facility be modernized and converted to other uses easily?
  • When the facility is refurbished, closed, or transferred, has it been designed and are plans in place to recapture as much of the embedded energy as possible?

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