TABLE A4-10 Effects of Combined Sinusoidal Electric-and Magnetic-Field Exposure on Pineal Melatonin Production



Developmental Stage

Number per Group

Exposure Characteristics

End Points Evaluated



Lee et al. 1993

Suffolk sheep (female)


10 per group

Exposed under 500-kV power line: continuous 6-kV electric and 4-µT magnetic fields; controls 225 m from power line; continuous <10-V/m electric and <0.03-µT magnetic fields

Blood melatonin between ages of 2 and 10 mon at 8 different times

No effect on 24-hr melatonin rhythms between exposed and controls

Thorough and well-supervised study

Rogers et al. 1995

Papio cynocephalus baboons (male)


3 per group

Random, intermittent (with rapid onset/offset) 30-kV/m electric and 100-µT magnetic field; animals served as own controls and run at another time in the same facility

Blood melatonin

Nighttime melatonin depressed in experiments

Animals served as own controls; therefore, controls not run simultaneously

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