FIGURE 4-1 Average Number of Months of Postpartum Abstinence. NOTE: Asterisk indicates mean number of months of postpartum abstinence. All other figures are median number of months. SOURCES: Burkino Faso: Konaté et al. (1994); Burundi: Segamba et al. (1988); Cameroon: Balépa et al. (1992); Ghana: Ghana Statistical Service (1989); Kenya: National Council for Population and Development (1994); Namibia: Katjiuanjo et al. (1993); Niger: Kourguéni et al. (1993); Nigeria: Federal Office of Statistics (1992); Rwanda: Barrère et al. (1994); Senegal: Ndiaye et al. (1994); Tanzania: Ngallaba et al. (1993); Togo: Agounké et al. (1989); Uganda: Kaijuka et al. (1989); Zambia: Gaisie et al. (1993); Zimbabwe: Central Statistical Office [Zimbabwe] (1989).

married respondents reported not having sex with their regular partners for a year or more. In a single month, 35 to 45 percent typically had no sexual contact with their spouse or regular partner.

Extramarital and Casual Sex

Given that marriage is difficult to define, defining what constitutes extramarital sex is also problematic. A woman may consider her husband's relationship with another woman to be an extramarital affair, while the man may see it as a stable union of some emotional significance. What a researcher considers it to be will vary from study to study.

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