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provide the best and safest means of Class I ration support (U.S. Department of the Army, 1990). The KCLFF meets the requirement of providing two hot Arctic T Rations daily in temperatures as low as -70°F (-57°C).

Soldiers in extreme cold environments are being offered the KCLFF, M-577 TOC extension, the Arctic T Ration, MREs, and the RCW. They are therefore provided with the right meal, at the right place, and at the right time.


The following recommendations are made regarding field feeding of U.S. soldiers in the cold:

  • Sources of heat to prepare and serve hot meals under arctic conditions must improve. The dependency on liquid or gas fuels creates safety hazards, and a dry heat source must be developed. The use of electricity, microwave, or solar power should be considered.
  • When heating water, condensation causes tremendous problems with tentage and camouflage netting. A system to vent steam out and away from kitchen preparation areas should be developed.
  • Research and testing to improve the Arctic T Ration, MRE, and RCW should continue in order to increase troop acceptability.


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