• Review developments in the health insurance marketplace and refine the standard benefit description, pricing, and marketing requirements.
    • Review risk selection in the traditional Medicare program and health plans and develop procedures or recommendations to the U.S. Congress for controlling or adjusting for adverse and favorable selection.
  • Evaluation and improvement of multiple choice in Medicare
    • Review the workings of the multiple choice market for Medicare beneficiaries and report to the U.S. Congress on the extent to which beneficiaries are able to make informed choices, the extent to which government and beneficiaries are succeeding in holding plans accountable for ensuring quality of care and containing costs, and ways to improve the system's performance.
    • Review traditional Medicare and health plan costs and performance to determine whether the amount and form of the federal government's contribution to costs (e.g., premium payment) yields the government and its beneficiaries both containment of costs and assurance of quality.
    • Report and recommend changes to the U.S. Congress to better hold plans accountable to these ends.

In conducting each of its responsibilities, it would adhere to rigorous conflict-of-interest standards.

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