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various goals and metrics. Section IV compares the goals projects on the basis of the comparison criteria. Section V highlights a number of issues not emphasized by the three goals projects. The final section attempts to draw some overall conclusions.


The full texts of the projects' goals and metrics are presented in Appendixes A through C.

EPA's Environmental Goals for the Year 2005

As of this writing the EPA has not yet issued its final report, titled Environmental Goals for America with Milestones for 2005. EPA proposes 15 long-range environmental goals for the nation:

  1. clean air;

  2. climate change risk reduction;

  3. stratospheric ozone layer restoration;

  4. clean waters;

  5. healthy terrestrial ecosystems;

  6. healthy indoor environments;

  7. safe drinking water;

  8. safe food;

  9. safe workplaces;

  10. preventing spills and accidents;

  11. toxic-free communities through pollution prevention;

  12. safe waste management;

  13. restoration of contaminated sites;

  14. reducing global environmental risks; and

  15. better information and education;

and clarifies each goal by providing

  1. a one- or two-sentence description of the long-range goal (usually without a specified year for attainment);

  2. a series of "ambitious but realistic" quantitative milestones, usually for the year 2005.

In total, there are 65 EPA milestones. Some of them are tied to specific outcomes, while others are necessary but not sufficient conditions for the realization of the outcomes. Some of the milestones are results-based performance measures, while others are emission or technology based. Some are national in scope, while others are regional. For expository purposes, it is useful to consider in detail several individual goals and their corresponding milestones:

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