Participating Unit/Permanent Unit Data

The database contains Participating and Permanent Unit fields for each participant. The Participating Unit data reflects where the individual was during the relevant period. Doses were computed on the basis of the Participating Unit data. The Permanent Unit data is irrelevant to a participant's dose.

Commander Joint Task Force (CJTF-1) Medical Research Personnel, Boarding Team and RADSAFE Teams

Operation CROSSROADS was conducted under the command and control of CJTF-1. Approximately 1,100 personnel were assigned to CJTF-1. These personnel were assigned to conduct specialized functions such as instrumentation, oceanography, ordnance and electronic research. The nature of their duties required them to board target ships but dates and the ships boarded are not usually a matter of record. They have been tracked aboard their "home" and support ships and their doses have been computed on that basis. They can be identified in the database by the unit "CJTF 1" in the participating unit and/or permanent unit history data fields.

CJTF-1 personnel were also assigned as Boarding Teams and RADSAFE Team members. Their duties, to a far greater extent than other CJTF-1 personnel, required repeated and prolonged boarding of target ships. The doses for these individuals cannot be reliably reconstructed because of the absence of records documenting their presence aboard target ships. These individuals are identified as "Boarding Team" and "RADSAFE" in the participating unit field.

The duties of Medical Research personnel would have also required the boarding of target ships. However, their presence aboard the target ships is also not a matter of record. Their home ship was the USS BURLESON (APA 67). The reconstructed doses for these personnel are based on their time aboard BURLESON. These personnel are identified as "Medical Research" in the participating unit field.

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