Appendix A

DOD Draft Software Management Policy Directive with Further Modifications Suggested by the Committee


The Committee on the Review of the Past and Present Contexts for the Use of Ada in the Department of Defense reviewed the DOD policy currently in use for programming language selection ("Computer Programming Language Policy," DOD Directive 3405.1, dated April 2, 1987), as well as two different draft revisions of that policy. This appendix contains the most recent draft (dated May 15, 1996) reviewed by the committee and incorporates modifications suggested by the committee to make the directive consistent with the recommendations presented in the main text of this report. Modifications are noted in italic font.

This modified draft directive is intended to serve as a "template" for development of the new DOD Directive 3405.1. The "enclosures" that are typically attached to DOD directives have been omitted for brevity. However, a list of references follows the text of the draft directive, and technical terms are defined in Appendix C of this report; both sets of documentation are suitable as enclosures for the revised formal DOD directive. The enclosure titled "Ada Waiver Procedures" has been omitted from the template because the committee eliminated the waiver process in its recommended policy. Other emendations of the draft text to condense wording or otherwise revise original text are not strictly documented; comparison with the May 15, 1996, draft directive shows minor changes not accommodated by the device of italicizing more substantial revisions.



This Directive:

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