this sends to the Ukrainian Government about the importance the United States gives the STCU.

Like the ISTC, one of the STCU's objectives in meeting its primary nonproliferation goal is to support the integration of Ukrainian scientists into the international science community. The committee stresses the importance of this integration and urges the STCU to continue its encouragement of active participation in STCU-funded projects by Western collaborators. The committee discussed this issue in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 with regard to the ISTC; the discussion applies equally to Ukrainian scientists and engineers and the STCU.

The subcommittee heard criticisms from scientists and engineers at the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology (KIPT) that the distribution of grants from the first two funding rounds was biased toward Kiev. Though the Kharkiv Institute played a significant role in the Soviet weapons program, and therefore should be a primary focus for the STCU, KIPT personnel pointed out that almost 60 percent of current grants (29 out of 49) have Kiev institutes as their primary site. Subsequent conversations led the committee to conclude that while Kiev-based institutes may have had an advantage over institutes in other cities and regions during the first few months of the STCU 's operation because of easier access to information about the STCU and easier interaction with its staff, information about the STCU has since become more widely disseminated and STCU staff and representatives have increased their direct contacts with institutes around the country, thereby minimizing any regional advantages. The committee also notes that many proposals submitted by KIPT were undergoing the Ukrainian internal security review at the time of the first meetings of the STCU's Governing Board and are only now under consideration by the STCU itself. In this report the committee merely notes the criticisms expressed by KIPT.

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