Agreement Establishing an International Science and Technology Center

The United States of America, Japan, the Russian Federation, and, acting as one party, the European Atomic Energy Community and European Economic Community:

Reaffirming the need to prevent the proliferation of technologies and expertise related to weapons of mass destruction— nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons;

Taking note of the present critical period in the states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (hereinafter referred to as “CIS”) and Georgia, a period that includes the transition to a market economy, the developing process of disarmament, and the conversion of industrial-technical potential from military to peaceful endeavors;

Recognizing, in this context, the need to create an International Science and Technology Center that would minimize incentives to engage in activities that could result in such proliferation, by supporting and assisting the activities for peaceful purposes of weapons scientists and engineers in the Russian Federation and, if interested, in other states of the CIS and Georgia;

Recognizing the need to contribute, through the Center's projects and activities, to the transition of the states of the CIS and Georgia to market-based economies and to support research and development for peaceful purposes;

Desiring that Center projects provide impetus and support to participating scientists and engineers in developing long-term career opportunities, which will strengthen the scientific research and development capacity of the states of the CIS and Georgia; and

Realizing that the success of the Center will require strong support from governments, foundations, academic and scientific institutions, and other inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations;

Have agreed as follows:


There is hereby established the International Science and Technology Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) as an inter-governmental organization. Each Party shall facilitate, in its territory, the activities of the Center. In order to achieve its objectives, the Center shall have, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Parties, the legal capacity to contract, to acquire and dispose of immovable and movable property, and to institute and respond to legal proceedings.

  1. The Center shall develop, approve, finance, and monitor science and technology projects for peaceful purposes, which are to be carried out primarily at institutions and facilities located in the Russian Federation and, if interested, in other states of the CIS and Georgia.

  1. The objectives of the Center shall be:

    1. To give weapons scientists and engineers, particularly those who possess knowledge and skills related to weapons of mass destruction or missile delivery systems, in the Russian Federation and, if interested, in other states of the CIS and Georgia, opportunities to redirect their talents to peaceful activities; and

    2. To contribute thereby through its projects and activities: to the solution of national or international technical problems; and to the wider goals of reinforcing the transition to market-based economies responsive to civil needs, of supporting basic and applied research and technology development, inter alia, in the fields of environmental protection, energy production, and nuclear safety, and of promoting the future integration of scientists of the states of the CIS and Georgia into the international scientific community.

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