nonfederal forests is important as well as promoting access to and distribution of information that is currently being gathered by programs such as Forest Inventory and Analysis. Information-gathering approaches that improve the accuracy, reliability, and statistical soundness of information should be promoted. Developing linkages with and integration of various information systems; carrying out planning activities that focus information gathering and improve the quality of information systems; establishing information partnerships and cooperatives between public and private concerns, especially at state and regional levels; and focusing administrative leadership for the management of information about the nation's nonfederal forests is fundamental (National Science and Technology Council 1994).


Improve the quantity, quality, and timeliness of information about nonfederal forests and enhance access to this information.

This recommendation points to the following specific recommendations:

  • Research focused on nonfederal forests should be strengthened by expanding public and private investments in research, improving the organization and management of research, and guiding research with a strategic research plan for nonfederal forests.
  • Programs for transferring information about nonfederal forests to landowners, managers, and citizens should be strengthened. Cooperative partnerships should be used to assist in this effort.
  • Programs for monitoring the condition and use of nonfederal forests and systems for managing this information should be strengthened, with emphasis on establishing consistent information gathering protocols for monitoring activities.

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