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these recurrences occur for 10 years. Table A1–2 summarizes the disease scenarios associated with borrelia infections.


Health care costs are incurred through diagnostic evaluation, physician visits, and antibiotics. Table A1–3 summarizes the health care costs incurred by borrelia infections. For the purposes of the calculations, it was assumed that all people with acute manifestations incur two physician visits and a prescription antibiotic, and that half receive diagnostic tests. It was assumed that each recurrence is associated with two physician visits and a prescription medication, and that the recurrences occur for 10 years.


The committee assumed that the development of a Borrelia burgdorferi vaccine is feasible and that licensure is imminent (a Borrelia vaccine for use in persons 15 years of age and older was licensed prior to the completion of this report). The estimates for this report are that it will take 3 years until licensure is completed and that $120 million needs to be invested. Table 4–1 summarizes vaccine development assumptions for all vaccines considered in this report.


Target Population

The committee’s analysis assumes that immunization with this vaccine will occur only in those geographic regions discussed under the epidemiology section. Immunization will occur during infancy or within 1 year of migration to the area. It is estimated that 90% of infants will receive the immunization. The committee estimates that only 10% of migrants into an area will receive the immunization.

Vaccine Schedule, Efficacy, and Costs

The committee estimated that this vaccine would cost $100 per dose. Vaccine administration would cost an additional $10. The committee has accepted default assumptions for this vaccine that estimate it will require a series of 3 doses and that efficacy will be 75%. Table 4–1 summarizes vaccine program assumptions for all vaccines considered in this report.

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