"The CODATA Referral Database (CRD)," based on the CODATA Database Directories and the 1988 revision of the UNESCO "Inventory of Data Referral Sources in Science and Technology," available from CODATA, 51 Boul. De Montmorency, Paris; J.H. Westbrook (1986), "Materials Information Sources," Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering, M.B. Bever, ed., p. 527, Pergamon; F.C. Allan and W.R. Ferrell (1989), Database 12,(3):50-58; M.K. Booker (1986)''Computerized Materials Databases," Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering, pp. 796-800, Pergamon. The role of the computer in accessing and manipulating materials data for alloy design is discussed by Westbrook in J.H. Westbrook (1993), "Data Compilation, Analysis, and Access: The Role of the Computer," MRS Bull., 18:44-49. R.A. Matula (1989), "The Importance of Numeric Databases to Materials Science," J. Res. Natl. Inst. Stand. Technol., 94:9-14, emphasizes the importance, in an industrial setting, of computer access to numeric databases in materials science.


Functioning almost entirely without external financial support and on a volunteer basis, this CODATA task group coordinates work in this field, promotes standards, communication, and awareness; assists in education and training; and publishes an international register of materials database managers.


See <http://www.cas.org/stn.html>.


See <http://www.rs.ch/krinfo/products/datastar/sheets/RTEC.htm>.


See <http://www.cas.org> for information about the Chemical Abstracts Service.


See <http://www.derwent.co.uk>.


Access fees to these are often prohibitive. Several respondents to the committee's "Inquiry to Interested Parties" (see Appendix D) noted specifically that they would like access to the Beilstein databases but considered them too costly.


See the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre home page at <http://csdvx2.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/ccdchome.html>.


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See <http://cdiac.esd.ornl.gov> for the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center home page.


See <http://www.iris.washington.edu/dmc.new.html> for the IRIS Data Management Center home page.


For additional information on the World Weather Watch, see the World Meteorological Organization home page at <http://www.wmo.ch:80/www/www.html>.


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