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interesting cross-sectional panel of people with a wide range of experience in thinking about fundamental issues.

In addition to having the proceedings of the workshop published by the National Academy Press, we hope that various segments will be available on videotape and on the World Wide Web so that more people will be able to benefit from the results of the work that we are going to do together in the next couple of days.

I wonder about the expectations you may have brought to this workshop. For myself, I am looking for insights from real experiences with data, e.g., which methods have worked and which have not. I would like to get a deeper understanding of some of the fundamental issues and the priorities for research. I am hoping—and this is something that CATS generally is particularly interested in—for momentum that might serve as a catalyst for future research in this area. Finally, I am hoping that one result will be a network of people who know each other a little bit better and can communicate about going forward. Indeed, that is one of our not-so-hidden agendas in gathering such a disparate group of people here.

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