TABLE 3-3a Summary of Cluster Age Patterns of Mortality, Features of Age and Cause-of-Death Components of Life Expectancy, and Regional Location of Age Patterns, Males

Predominant Urban (Cluster 1—see map Fig. 3-3a)


Moderately dispersed profile with low mortality ages at 0-44 and high at ages 45+. Moderately low mortality from injuries at ages 0-44 and from respiratory mortality at ages 0-4. Moderately high mortality from neoplasms and cardiovascular diseases at ages 45+.

Regions: All regions except North Caucasus

Marginal (Specific) Urban (Cluster 4—see map Fig. 3-3a)


Age profile is minimally scattered, i.e., it is very close to the average for all Russia. Like urban profiles, it has high neonatal mortality. Like rural profiles, it has low mortality from neoplasm at ages 40 and over. The contribution of any other cause of death is negligible.

Regions: North Caucasus, Western Siberia,* Volga-Vyatka*

European Rural (Clusters 5 and 6—see map Fig. 3-3b)


Extremely dispersed profile with very low neonatal mortality, low mortality at ages 10-14 and 55+, and very high mortality at ages 20-49. Very high mortality from injuries at ages 1-4 and 20-54; early increased cardiovascular mortality at ages 20-44; high mortality from respiratory diseases at ages 55 and over. Very low mortality from neoplasm and mortality from cardiovascular disease contribute equally to very low mortality at ages 55 and over.


Central,* Central Blackearth, Volga-Vyatka, Volga*(Northwestern, Ural, North Caucasus)

Siberian Rural (Cluster 3—see map Fig. 3-3b)


Highly dispersed profile with high mortality at ages 1-4 and 15-34 (sharply peaked at 20-24) and low mortality at ages 50 and over. Infant mortality is close to average as a result of very low mortality from congenital and other causes of death in the perinatal period and very high mortality from infectious and respiratory disease and injuries. Only high mortality from injuries contributes to a sharp peak at ages 15-34; early increased cardiovascular mortality is absent: low mortality at ages 50+, which seems to be the lowest among all clusters, is mainly due to cardiovascular disease.


Volga* (Eastern Siberia, Western Siberia,* Ural*), North Caucasus, * Far Eastern,* Central Blackearth*

Male Outliers


Far East (5 members), North Caucasus (4), Eastern Siberia (2)

*Signifies that two or more provinces are members of a different cluster pattern or are outliers.

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