Figure 3-4a

Comparison of Russian male mortality patterns with West model life table.

Russian Regional Mortality Patterns Relative to World Mortality Experience

In the previous section, cluster profiles are compared with average Russian mortality. The analysis leaves open the question of how great the differences among mortality patterns are, whether they represent different families of mortality patterns or belong to one Russian family, and how these patterns compare with international experience. The international experience of mortality is described here in generalized form through patterns of regional model life tables. As a basis for comparison, we use the Coale-Demeny West model life table. Comparisons with the other families of Coale-Demeny, as well as with other regional models and with life tables of other areas of Europe, the United States, and developing regions, are also considered (Keyfitz and Flieger, 1968, 1971; United Nations, 1966, 1974, 1975, 1980).11 Figures 3-4a through 3-4d present the comparisons. As before, all profiles have the same level of e(0), but the differences shown are between the logits of the probability of death of selected clusters and the West model life table with the same level of e(0).12


In Figure 3-4a, selected male cluster patterns are graphed against the stan-

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