safe, and affordable global air transportation system by improving capacity and efficiency and safety and security; ensuring the long-term environmental compatability of the aviation system. What are the technological implications of these needs and opportunities?

  1. Look beyond the time horizon of your world and speculate about possible innovations or breakthrough initiatives that you envision could change the nature of your world. Be creative with this question but stay true to a reasonable interpretation of how the future of your world might develop. What are the major obstacles that need to be overcome? Which of these can be addressed by advances in aeronautics or access to space? Is there an overriding need that cannot be ignored?

  2. Describe the research and development activities that could address the technological implications of your world's global needs and opportunities. Prioritize these research and development activities. How is this research and development organized and conducted? What respective roles should the U.S. government, academia, and industry play? What role should NASA play?

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