To Accomplish These Goals, the Following Actions are Planned:

Within Six Months
  • Add-on assignment to existing frameworks teacher preparation committee with intent of influencing Board of Education Professional Certification Task Force

  • Frameworks sponsored workshop on science/math standards and teacher preparation for university faculty

  • Explore models for staged licensure

During The Next Twelve Months
  • University of Alaska sponsored (in principle and dollars) task force on reform of science/ math teacher preparation:

  • Develop Alaska plan for staged licensure

Over The Next Two Years
  • Board of Education Professional Certification Task Force report to Board of Education—lobby for Standards-based on certification and licensure

  • Develop individual institutions' reform plans

  • First point will include staged licensure

By The End of Five Years
  • Reformed Teacher Preparation In Science/Math

  • Fully Implemented

Arkansas' Action Plan

Team Members

Agency or Institution


Donna Elliott

Arkansas Department of Education

Program Manager

Suzanne Mitchell

Arkansas Statewide Systemic Initiative

Project Director

Existing Policies and Practices That Support the Standards:

  • Act 236 - Education Reform Act

  • Act 453 - Science/math Equipment Act

  • Science Curriculum Frameworks

  • Task Force on Teacher Licensure and Certification

Existing Policies and Practices in Need of Change:

  • Teaching certificates in many areas of science

  • Pre-service science and science education courses

  • Alternative certification practices

  • Add-on endorsements

Key Players in Implementing Change:

  • Members of Task Force on Teacher Licensure and Certification

  • Department Chairs of science departments (and other subjects) and professors

  • Deans of Education/Arts and Sciences; Presidents of colleges and universities

  • Director of Arkansas Department of Education and Department of Higher Education

  • State Boards of Education and Higher Education

  • Curriculum specialists in science (and other subjects)

  • Coops (Education Service Cooperatives)

  • Teachers, Principals, Superintendents, School Boards

  • Parents and business leaders, Arkansas Education Association

Primary Goals for Improving Science Teacher Preparation:

  • Arkansas will change its teacher licensure and certification process

Secondary Goals for Improving Science Teacher Preparation:

  • Arkansas will work with NCATE and the new Professional Development Teaching Models (2 year)

  • Arkansas will develop subject specific outcomes to improve teacher licensure

  • Arkansas will change the assessment system for obtaining a teaching license

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