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Negative-strand RNA viruses: Genetic engineering and applications
Peter Palese, Hongyong Zheng, Othmar G. Engelhardt, Stephan Pleschka, and Adolfo García-Sastre





Foreign glycoproteins expressed from recombinant vesicular stomatitis viruses are incorporated efficiently into virus particles
Matthias J.Schnell, Linda Buonocore, Evelyne Kretzschmar, Erik Johnson, and John K.Rose





Specific infection of CD4+ target cells by recombinant rabies virus pseudotypes carrying the HIV-1 envelope spike protein
Teshome Mebatsion and Karl-Klaus Conzelmann





Alphavirus-based expression vectors: Strategies and applications
Ilya Frolov, Thomas A.Hoffman, Béla M.Prágai, Sergey A.Dryga, Henry V.Huang, Sondra Schlesinger, and Charles M.Rice





Early events in poliovirus infection: Virus-receptor interactions
Vincent R.Racaniello





Efficient transfer, integration, and sustained long-term expression of the transgene in adult rat brains injected with a lentiviral vector
Luigi Naldini, Ulrike Blömer, Fred H.Gage, Didier Trono, and Inder M.Verma





Use of virion DNA as a cloning vector for the construction of mutant and recombinant herpesviruses
S.Monroe Duboise, Jie Guo, Ronald C.Desrosiers, and Jae U.Jung





Development of HIV vectors for anti-HIV gene therapy
Eric Poeschla, Pierre Corbeau, and Flossie Wong-Staal





A stable human-derived packaging cell line for production of high titer retrovirus/vesicular stomatitis virus G pseudotypes
Daniel S.Ory, Beverly A.Neugeboren, and Richard C.Mulligan





Cell-surface receptors for retroviruses and implications for gene transfer
A.Dusty Miller





Immunization with DNA vaccines encoding glycoprotein D or glycoprotein B, alone or in combination, induces protective immunity in animal models of herpes simplex virus-2 disease
William L.McClements, Marcy E.Armstrong, Robert D.Keys, and Margaret A.Liu





Fusigenic viral liposome for gene therapy in cardiovascular diseases
Victor J.Dzau, Michael J.Mann, Ryuichi Morishita, and Yasufumi Kaneda



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