• LANSCE is a defense programs neutron science center. The LAMPF complex at LANL has been converted to LANSCE to support general defense program objectives, particularly radiographic and neutron studies.

  • LPSS is a proposed 1-MW cold neutron source at LANL for the study advanced materials.

  • NIF is a 192-beam, 1.8-MJ glass laser facility for conducting high-energy-density experiments (temperatures up to 600 eV) and demonstrating inertial fusion ignition in the laboratory.

  • NIKE is a 4-kJ krypton fluoride (FrF) gas laser at NRL for studying direct-drive inertial fusion issues and other related phenomena.

  • NOVA is a 10-beam (~40-kJ) glass laser facility at LLNL for conducting indirect drive inertial fusion experiments and weapons-related high-energy-density science experiments.

  • OMEGA is a 60-beam (45-kJ) glass laser facility at the University of Rochester for conducting direct-drive inertial fusion experiments.

  • PBFA is a fast-pulsed accelerator (~50 ns) at Sandia National Laboratories; PBFA II, PBFA X, and PBFA Z are modifications to the accelerator to conduct light ion inertial fusion experiments, light ion extraction experiments, and z-pinch experiments, respectively.

  • PEGASUS is a 4.3-MJ capacitor bank at LANL with a slow (microseconds) direct drive for hydrodynamic studies with an experimental volume of I cubic centimeter.

  • PHERMEX is a dynamic radiography facility located at LANL.

  • PROCYON is a 15-MJ, high-explosive, pulsed-power system at LANL providing 2-to 6-microsecond drive. It has been used for direct-drive plasma implosions to produce soft x-rays for weapon physics experiments.

  • SABRE is a positive-polarity-induction linear accelerator located at SNL. SABRE uses an extraction ion diode and is used mainly for studies of light ion beam generation, transport, and focusing.

  • SATURN is a fast-pulsed accelerator at SNL that can produce a 600-kJ radiation source from a 4-MJ Marx capacitor bank. The source is used for studies of nuclear weapons effects and hohlraums (up to 100 eV).

  • SPSS is a capability at LANSCE to provide moderated (low-energy) neutrons with wavelengths comparable to atomic physics dimensions to address primary physics issues.

  • TRIDENT is a multipurpose Nd:glass laser facility at LANL that supports inertial fusion, weapons physics, and other experiments and instrument development. Trident has two main beams with 100 J per beam in a 100-ps pulse with a third beam used for backlighting. The TRIDENT Upgrade is proposed to produce several kilojoules.

  • WETF is a facility at LANL to investigate tritium technology for weapons applications.

  • X-1 is a proposed advanced z-pinch radiation source producing 8 to 10 MJ of soft x-rays.

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