many kinds of populations, from insects and other forms of life (Carey, 1993) to Chevrolets. If nothing in biology can be understood except in the light of evolution, an equally valid generalization is that nothing in evolution can be understood except in the light of demography. Lotka's demographic equation, which relates survival and fertility to population growth, is the fundamental equation in most evolutionary theorizing in general and in the evolutionary biology of aging in particular.

As Rose (1991) stated, ''From these basic features of the demography of populations (i.e., the age-trajectories of survival and fecundity), the crucial evolutionary determinants of aging follow." The research of demographers, ecologists, and evolutionary biologists reviewed in this chapter shows it is still not fully understood how the crucial evolutionary determinants of aging follow from the underlying demography of survival and fertility. Nonetheless, the point is well taken. Deeper understanding of the demography of populations—through research on genetic, environmental. behavioral, bio-reliability. and heterogeneity forces and constraints, including emphasis on the role of the elderly in nature (Carey and Gruenfelder, in this volume)—will almost certainly provide new insights and perhaps the crucial insights into the mechanisms that drive the processes of aging and survival.


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