Taggant stakeholder-National Mining Association

Terry O'Connor and Bobby J. Jackson

Taggant stakeholder-Institute of Makers of Explosives

J. Christopher Ronay

Taggants and Explosive Detection Research

David Boyd, National Institute of Justice

Taggant stakeholder-A Law Enforcement Perspective

Lt. Thomas Spencer and Sgt. Howard Rechtshaffen, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Taggant concept-CDS, Inc.

Victor A. Cranich

Taggant concept-SRI International

James Colton

Taggant concept-Isotag LLC

Manny Gonzalez and Dale Spall

Taggant concept-Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.

Daniel Bolt

Taggant concept-Tri-Valley Research

John Pearson and Robert M. Pearson

Taggant concept-Bio Traces, Inc.

Andrzej Drukier and James Wadiak

Taggant concept-Biocode, Inc.

Frank Angella

Taggant concept-Innovative Biosystems, Inc.

Keith Stormo

Taggant stakeholder-Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAMMI)

James Baker, Don Burton, and Ken Green

Taggant stakeholder-National Rifle Association (NRA)

Tanya Metaksa and Mark Barnes

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