TABLE 6.7 Net Annual Fiscal Impact (NAFI) Imposed by Additional Immigrant-Headed Households on Native Residents: California (1996 dollars per current California household)

Immigrant Group

Local NAFI

State NAFI

Federal NAFI

Total NAFI

All immigrants





Contribution by age of household head

8 65










Contribution by region of origin











Latin America










Note: Other = Africa and Oceania.

Source: Calculations based on Tables 6.3 and 6.4, adjusted for the share of native households in the California population (= .746) for local and state NAFIs and in the national population (= .029) for the federal NAFI.

natives by immigrant households. Younger households, however, are responsible for 98 percent (.98 = -$74/-$76; Table 6.6) of the "all immigrant" total in New Jersey (.98 = -$74/-$76; Table 6.6), and for 95 percent of the total in California (.95 = -$635/-$669; Table 6.7). The reason, of course, is the larger number of younger immigrants. The relative contributions of the two age groups to the federal net annual fiscal impact shows that the younger immigrant groups make a net contribution in both New Jersey and California; older immigrants impose a fiscal burden on the federal budget.

Tables 6.6 and 6.7 also report the results of a decomposition by country of origin of the net annual fiscal impact from doubling immigrant-headed households. New immigrants matching the economic and demographic attributes of current immigrants from Europe/Canada will be overall net fiscal contributors (NAFIN > 0). New immigrants matching the attributes of current immigrants from Asia, Latin America, and "other" regions will impose a net fiscal burden on natives (NAFIN < 0). The single biggest group contribution to new net fiscal burdens—75 percent in New Jersey (.75 = -$149/-$199; Table 6.6) and 86 percent in California (.86 = -$753/-$876; Table 6.7)—will be by new immigrants matching the economic and demographic attributes and numbers of current Latin American immigrants.

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