(3) Specific Vocational Preparation


The score for this factor is based on whether the applicant has a designated occupation, and length of training, education, and/or apprenticeship for Canadian work (for example, an aerospace engineer receives 18 points, a locksmith receives 11 points, and a janitor receives 0 points)

(4) Occupation


0 points if there are no listed occupations for which the candidate is qualified; if the applicant scores zero on this factor, then then are automatically refused a visa

Intermediate points awarded on the basis of the candidate's qualified occupation (for example, an aerospace engineer and a locksmith both receive 5 points)

10 points if the candidate has arranged employment in Canada or has a designated occupation with high specific occupation preparation value

(5) Arranged Employment/ Designated Occupation


0 points if no arranged employment or a designated occupation

10 points if the person has arranged employment or a designated occupation with high specific vocational preparation

10 points for a member of the clergy with a congregational position offering employment

10 points for full-time employment in a family business approved by the Canada Immigration Centre

(6) Work Experience


The points are calculated based on the specific vocational experience (factor 3) and the years of experience; a maximum of 8 points is awarded to an applicant with the maximum specific vocational experience and 4 years or more experience in the occupation

(7) Language Ability


0 points if the person speaks English and French with difficulty

Intermediate points are awarded based on the reading, writing, and speaking of English and French

15 points if the person is fluent in both French and English

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