FIGURE 4 The anisotropic stress-strain behavior of TMCs. The inset indicates the plastic zone that develops around a hole at 800 MPa. The contours indicate the plastic strain levels.

FIGURE 5 A schematic of a TMC within a bonded monolith that transmits the stress into the TMC with minimal transverse loads.

Here, is the average power used in a cycle, and ϕu its cost (in $ per kilowatt hour). Cc is the equipment price, tL the depreciation period, and Ce the cost of tooling, heating elements, and other parts that must be replaced with periodicity, te: ∆t is that portion of the cycle time that requires labor, ϕL (in $ per hour). The goal is to reduce $oR and increase τs such that $ approaches $m. For most hightemperature components, this goal is not realized, because of manufacturing complexity and the small

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