Organization of ADRR

ADRR would have five divisions that would address the following areas: coordination and linkage; rehabilitation and disability research; engineering and environmental research; training for researchers and people with disabilities; and integration of rehabilitation-related research, practice and technology information. The sections that follow discuss each of these in detail.

Coordination and Linkage Division The coordination activities of this division would take on the responsibilities of ICDR currently assigned to NIDRR, but the division would have increased authority to fund collaborative activities. If NIDDR is moved to DHHS to create ADRR, but no additional funding is provided (e.g., one percent set-aside from other agencies), then support would need to be drawn from other internal programs for this purpose.

Interagency Committee The budget for these activities would need to cover staff salary, database management, conferences, cross-agency staff training and interagency committee meetings. The interagency committee would be composed of rehabilitation experts outside government, representatives of the major government funding agencies, major foundations funding rehabilitation-related research, leaders of organizations that provide services to people with disabling conditions, and people with potentially disabling conditions who represent major constituencies.

Multiple-Agency Projects A second branch of this division would support linkage projects that cross the boundaries of the missions of the various agencies. The projects would be on designated topics recommended by the interagency committee. Each participating agency would be required to dedicate some funds to the projects. Foundations and for-profit companies would be encouraged to cofund projects. Funding for these linkage activities would provide incentives for government agencies to cooperate in planning directed research activities, reduce costs of recruiting separate populations for studies of the same condition at different times in the course of the condition, and allow for more detailed cross-environmental studies of similarities and differences in societal level problem solving. The activities ideally funded at a level of approximately $1 million, would be supported through an interagency transfer of funds to a designated lead agency that would be responsible for managing the award.

Rehabilitation Resource Support Centers A second type of linkage pro-

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