Overarching Recommendation

Individual Chapter Recommendation

Government Agency Involved

3. Enhance the Federal Effort. The NIDRR program of activities and its annual appropriation of approximately $70 million should be moved from the U.S. Department of Education to DHHS and serve as the foundation for the creation of a new Agency on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (ADRR). ADRR would assume the tasks that were formerly assigned to the Interagency Committee on Disability Research and be given enhanced authority through review of disability and rehabilitation research plans and control of funding for interagency collaboration. To further support and enhance the overall federal effort, all major programs in disability and rehabilitation-related research should be elevated within their respective agencies or departments.


DHHS, NSF, U.S. Department of Education, VA

consistent with this committee's recommendations. Table 10-4 in Chapter 10 shows the present funding levels and two options for expanded programs of research at a cost of $100 and $200 million.

Finally, Table 11-1 shows the relationship of the three overarching recommendations and general priorities to each of the individual recommendations in the preceding chapters.

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