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in San Francisco with wide-ranging concerns centered on the global economy. Recently, Mr. Singer was under contract as a film consultant to Universal Studio's Orlando theme park and MCA/Matsushita. His work at MCA/Matsushita centered on the development of an entertainment application for virtual reality technology.

JORDAN WEISMAN is chief creative officer for Virtual World Entertainment Inc. This title recognizes his pivotal role as the principal creative architect at Virtual World. Acclaimed as one of the world's premier game and software designers, Mr. Weisman has led the company to its present position atop the fledgling "experience" industry. In 1980 Mr. Weisman and his partner, Ross Babcick, formed the FASA Corporation, a fantasy role-playing board-game publishing company. As FASA's president, Jordan codesigned two of the top five best-selling games in the industry, BattleTech and Shadowrun. FASA now publishes multiple lines of fantasy and science fiction novels based on its game universes. It was at FASA that Mr. Weisman began to develop the principles behind the interactive games that Virtual World Entertainment now practices at Virtual World. Virtual World opened its BattleTech Center in Chicago in August 1990. As the first location-based virtual reality center in the world, it gave the public a taste of a technology that was formerly the private domain of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the military. Mr. Weisman has received numerous awards for game design and has lectured extensively on virtual reality and game design around the world.

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