Primary Recommendations


The Chief of Naval Research should assume the responsibility to develop specific, numerical targets for the hiring of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities into science and engineering positions at ONR. These targets should be based on a periodic assessment of the underutilization of qualified individuals from these groups, using data from national pools.

The effort should include communicating regularly to ONR personnel the importance of diversity and of meeting these targets. The targets should cover senior executive positions as well as those at the GS 13-15 levels. They should be based on ONR's staffing needs, the current pool of qualified underrepresented personnel available in the relevant fields, projected turnover, and other budget and personnel constraints. Managers would then be held accountable for meeting appropriate targets in their areas based on demonstrated underutilization, and their success would be reflected in performance reviews, salary increases, cash awards, and promotions.

Targets should be reviewed periodically and readjusted based on changes in the ONR work force and the most recent available data on underutilization from the national pools. The pools of qualified personnel can be determined by special tabulations from the Survey of Doctorate Recipients and the National Survey of College Graduates tailored to ONR's work force needs, as has been done with the national pools of scientists and engineers described in this report.

Target levels for increased diversity should be developed in conjunction with formal plans for future personnel needs. Sometimes called "succession planning" or "people planning," each department head should develop a personnel management plan to include identifying who might succeed the current incumbents in the department, how to trade or share employees among divisions, and how to bring more minorities and women with the necessary background and interests to work at ONR.


The Chief of Naval Research should appoint an external committee composed of individuals who are experienced in the management of science and engineering and sensitive to the issues of diversity to assist ONR in achieving its diversity goals. Reporting to the Chief of Naval Research, the committee would meet periodically to review the targets ONR has set and to evaluate progress against those goals.

The external committee would be different from the Boards of Visitors, which ONR convenes to evaluate divisions and research programs, in that it would be charged with the issue of diversity only and would review the Science and Technology Directorate at ONR. The committee would consist of science and engineering managers from business, academia, and government, and especially from organizations with a strong record of accomplishment in diversity. It would include individuals knowledgeable about ONR's mission and

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